Content Marketing

Together, we can #stopdadpants

We partnered Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners and coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jon Gruden to create a Father's Day campaign with one mission: to rid the world of ill-fitting pants (aka "Dad Pants").

In just 3 days, the campaign logged more than 1,000,000 YouTube views, trended on Facebook and Twitter and created more than 700+ million impressions.



Brand Personality

One of the best parts of college football is the trash talk. It's so good, we figured nobody should be left out of the action. Even if that 'nobody' is actually your pants. Turns out, pants can come up with some real zingers.




Grass Roots Marketing

Creating fun, unique experiences for your consumer helps them resonate with a brand for the long term. They didn't see an ad or hear about something from a friend, they felt something. That was my goal when lululemon athletica wanted to open their very first store in Seattle, WA. 

We touched a community through long-term relationships and random acts of yoga. Introducing the brand's manifesto before even scraping the surface of their products. 




Influencer Marketing

Give a shout out to all the dads who make this whole Fatherhood thing look good...with a little help from Taye Diggs.

1M+ views across social, digital and earned media channels..




Event Planning

For Dockers 30th Anniversary we wanted to do something really special, so we had a party! An event with over 1,500 employees featured a cake with khaki wearing figurines strolling an edible Levi Plaza. 

The PR icing on the cake was the attendance of Duff Goldman and his crew from Food Network’s "Cake Masters."  Sweet!!!







Social Realism 

We featured real life Levi Strauss employees with their actual Fathers and kids to help us tell everyone #AllAboutDad This Father’s Day, Dockers® asked you about your favorite memories with Dad. From best advice to the greatest pastimes.




Social Media

What's In Hunter's Pants?

Dockers Dugout Pants aren’t your average khaki. In fact, they’ve got more team spirit in their waistband alone than most pants have in both legs and all four pockets combined. That's why we teamed up San Francisco Giants right fielder, Hunter Pence and asked him, what's really in Hunter's pants?  

Our campaign reached fans across multiple channels and activations, from social to digital, retail and experiential. Lou Seal, the Giants mascot even got in on the action by wearing a custom pair during #OrangeFriday.



Roots and Blooms needed the first Blog for their website. Check out the results here: 

Those of us with acne prone skin are familiar with the dilemma. The goal has always been to remove oil from the face with the dream of preventing breakouts, right? Wrong. Some oils are actually what your skin has been craving all along. In fact, the right oils will work to target the dry patches your current moisturizer just can't get to or that you didn't even know you had, resulting in evenly healthy and hydrated skin...and great selfies! 

 So, what is this magical oil you speak of? 

 Face Serum (we recommend R&B's Gratitude) is a rich blend of oils, antioxidants and herbs specifically formulated to give your skin the wake-up call you didn't even realize it needed. Vitamins A & C cultivate brighter skin and help keep that youthful glow alive. These vitamins also stimulate cell turnover and rejuvenation, eliminating pesky dry skin that can cause dullness and wrinkles and replacing it with a bright, fresh-faced appearance. Face Serum is powerful enough to heal, tone and tighten providing almost instant results. (Yay!)

 Still think oil is bad? Read on.

 Face Serum is stronger than most moisturizers. It can go to battle with some of the most harmful substances in our environment including pollution or even (gasp) the sun. With anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and geranium, which are also full of anti-oxidants, face serums work as shield to give luster and promote relaxing vibes. With all these reasons to jump on board, we don’t recommend leaving the S.P.F. at home quite yet. (That S.P.F., so hot right now).

 When to use Face Serum

 We recommend using Face Serum in the morning, take on the day and all the smog it wants to throw at you without worrying once about the toxins you may encounter. But we warn you it’s a slippery slope, it won’t be long until you’re using your serum twice a day, like we do!